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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the 5 year plan (March 2010)

In my family, you have to have a 5 year plan. Since I was 10, I’ve had a 5 year plan (5yp). It’s been fluid and even a little fuzzy at times, but it’s always been there. By there, I mean sitting in the back of mind, helping to shape and direct the decisions I make.

Writing down the 5yp, or sharing it with others is a scary process. There have always been roadblocks – Will others judge my 5yp? What if it isn’t good enough, or what if my assumptions aren’t right? Will they remember, and laugh when plans don’t come to fruition?

However, I think in order to move forward with the 5yp, it needs to start being clear and focused. More than just “eventually’s.” So for the first time, I am putting my fuzzy little plan down on paper and sharing it with those around me. Will it change? Probably. But as long as the major goals remain the same, the path there is just part of the journey.

So what is my 5yp?

-Gain Cicerone Certification

-Complete “Business of Brewing” at Siebel Institute

-Complete “Brewery Immersion Class” with Tom Hennessey, at Colorado Boy in Ridgeway, CO

-Finish Business Plan

-Enter and Place in 3 major competitions

-Be ready to open my own business

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