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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gluten free living ( or why I haven’t finished my Alaskan blog entry) july 19,2010

Shortly after returning from an AMAZING trip to Alaska, my doctor (chiropractor/nutritionist/acupuncturist) prescribed a two month gluten free, low glucose diet. I am now one month in, and completely miserable. I have to make exceptions, of course, for professional reasons – as a beer judge, I have to drink beer. I work at a brewery and get paid in beer. I am co-founder of a ladies beer club. So although I still partake of the suds, it is on a pretty limited basis.

From an intellectual level, I look at gluten free living as an exciting challenge – it stokes the creative juices and makes me want to try all sorts of new recipes. From a practical point of view – I’m just depressed about the whole ordeal. Unfortunately, practical is winning right now. I love to cook – I’m passionate about it, but right now, the thought of food makes me cringe. I dream of Sourdough, and the thought of having to continue this lifestyle just kills me.

The support of friends has been amazing – hubby has been a trooper, and is following along with the diet (no small feat). The Beer Vixens have rallied, and are formulating a gluten-free homebrew. Other friends have researched and found the Gluten Free Girl blog, which truly looks amazing. As I move past the half-way point, things are finally starting to look up. Maybe I’ll try some new recipes this week :)

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