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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Temperature Controlled Fermentation Cabinet

So…my last IPA got knocked for having phenolic characteristics. What’s a girl to do? The other beer judges suggested that perhaps it was fermented at too warm a temperature – it lived out it’s entire fermenting life in our crawl space though, so there wasn’t a cooler place available this summer.

">Now we’ve had an extra window air conditioner hanging out in the shed for awhile, thinking it might be useful some day. This past weekend, we took that air conditioner and built an insulated cabinet around it. It’s counter height, so it makes a great work area – and at 6 feet long, it offers all the beer storage I could want (for now.) Insulated with foam board and expanding foam filler, it’s got a R-Value of around 8, so I may have the Engineering department (thanks Larry!) add some foil wrapped bubble insulation, left over from making our tin-foil house. (We are totally safe from aliens – as well as chilly drafts.)

Last step? Still need to secure a digital temperature controller to regulate the temperature. I’d prefer a dual-stage, so that I can pug in a heating element over the winter as well as the air conditioner. Right now, I’m still researching brands – Ranco and Johnson Controls both seem to make one, although there may be other brands I haven’t found yet.

Enjoy the pics!

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